ATR Wines
By combining global winemaking experience with a regional flavour, ATR is bringing a bold and pioneering winemaking approach to the cool-climate Grampians.

Breaking the mould with cutting edge blends from alternate varieties and a modern approach to traditional varieties, ATR’s wines are a contemporary reflection of their place in the Australian bush.

Continuing 160 years of Great Western winemaking heritage but focussed forwards to create modern wines that surprise with their combination of complexity, approachability, age-worthiness and value.

Harmonious vineyard practices, small batch production with minimal intervention create wines with a vigorous focus on structure, balance and elegance, not just on flavour.

Getting out of the way to not cloud this visibility through winemaking tricks or heavy-handed processing, the personality of ATR’s wines reflects the vineyard, not the winemaking.

The close-planted vines at the Hard Hill Road Vineyard are nestled along a ridgeline and surrounded by a eucalypt forest. In the morning, mobs of kangaroos can be seen bounding along the rows, and in the evening, flocks of sulphur-crested cockatoos settle in the redgum trees for the night.

An adjacent knoll, named “Hard Hill” by the 1850s gold miners for the inhospitable nature of its slopes, epitomises the vineyard. The unyielding soil, characterised by ironstone and quartz outcrops, is ideal for growing the richly flavoured grapes so important to ATR Wines.

What makes ATR different? Rock climbing & winemaking. It may seem a leap to compare climbing to winemaking, but these two pursuits—both so close to Adam’s heart—actually require a very similar approach.

Our property is located (not by accident) just outside the 168,000-hectare Grampians National Park, which comprises four distinct ranges of tilted sandstone that rise to more than 1,000 metres, providing thousands of dramatic climbing routes on its cliffs, bluffs, and pinnacles.

Climbing is an exciting, adrenaline-charged activity that requires the climber to be at one with the environment and willing to take sensible risks. Likewise, in winemaking, you need to be in harmony with your vineyard but also prepared to push your boundaries to achieve that ultimate wine style.

Visit the newly built ATR Wine Lounge and explore the possibilities opened by a worldly and modern approach to this ancient craft. Located just a few kilometres from the historic Great Western township and just a half hour from the ancient Grampians range, ATR Wine Lounge offers a unique immersive wine experience set against the backdrop of our rustic bush property.

ATR Wine Lounge | Thursday to Sunday | 1pm to 5pm | tasting & sales