Fallen Giants

The Fallen Giants vineyard was planted on the steep Eastern slopes of the Grampians in 1969. The vineyard has long been a respected grower for many of the country’s great wineries until 1996, when it was bought by the famed Victorian Winemaker, the late, great Trevor Mast, and was a staple of Mount Langi Ghiran until the Drummond family purchased it in 2013 and re named Fallen Giants after the dreamtime stories of the original owners of these land, the Djab Wurrung and Jardiwadjali people. Our wines are produced from Shiraz, Cabernet and Riesling grown onsite, and we are proud to have been awarded 5 stars from James Halliday since our first release. 

Email: cellardoor@fallengiants.com.au

Address: 4113 Ararat-Halls Gap Road, Halls Gap, Victoria 3381

Website: https://www.fallengiants.com.au/

Meet The Maker

Written By Rebecca Drummond
Fallen Giants Owner

Fallen Giants is a beautiful old vineyard planted in the 1960’s with a wonderful history associated with some of the best names in Australian wine.

It started out selling fruit to Penfolds and was included in multiple vintages of Grange. It was then purchased by Trevor Mast, the cool climate Shiraz pioneer and founder of Mount Langi Ghiran.

While the vineyard is aesthetically pleasing with the beautiful backdrop of the Serra Range, this range actually plays an amazing part in growing high quality wine. First of all, over millions of years the Granite has eroded, washed down over the vineyard providing a lovely soil combination of granite over iron stone and red metals. The benefit of these soils are that they are tough and bony, and make the vines struggle. The vine then self regulates producing less fruit, but higher quality. The second element of this range is that it protects the vineyard from the hot afternoon sun. So while we get lovely ripeness in the wine, the cooler afternoons and cold nights give us lovely freshness as well.

Since our family took over in 2013, we felt as custodians of this wonderful place we needed to change our farming and take the wine to another level by moving to Organic farming. While we have been in organic conversion we have also embarked on native regeneration, native cover crops and improved water management. While we think this is the right thing to do for soil health and the general health of the farm, it is also something that we are seeing emerge as an expectation from our global buyers. Most of the great wineries in France, and indeed around the world are now farming organically, or biodynamically. Not only have they improved wine quality but have also set the standard for the global markets. For example our importer in the UK is Berry Brothers & Rudd, the oldest and most revered wine merchant in the world, (also the appointed wine merchant to the Royal family), now sees the vast majority of their Fine Wine producers using organic or biodynamic practices. Their customers in turn have come to expect this from high quality producers.

While our aspiration is to make Fine Wine and create an enduring family business, we are also passionate about adding to the rich history of Fine Wine in the Grampians. This is a history that for many is overlooked for the bright lights of the Yarra Valley or Mornington Peninsula, due to proximity, but for those that truly understand wine, the Grampians is one of the great regions in this country. From historic producers like Best’s, Langi & Seppelts to the new wave of producers (The Story, Sub Rosa, AT Richardson & many more) that are creating new interest. Despite a long history of wine production, this is a region with still so much potential to explore.

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