Mount Stapylton Wines

Mount Stapylton Vineyard lies on the western slopes of the Grampians on the foothills of the Mount Stapylton range. Established in 2002, the vineyard was planted on the historic Goonwinnow property and is run alongside the family’s sheep and cropping enterprises. The vineyard enjoys a dry, continental climate, with warm days that peak around 4:00 pm. North-South rows utilise drip irrigation so the vines can cope with the extreme summer heat. Cool nights and dominant South-west winds allow the vines to cool down at night promoting a long, intensity-building growing season that extends into March and April. These subtle nuances deliver a full-bodied style wine with a generous ripe nose, in typical Grampians elegance.


Address: 1212 Northern Grampians Road, Laharum 3401


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